Advait Gilankar

Advait joined the Crozier Research Group in Fall, 2021 as PhD student. In his project he is working on Analyzing in situ Electron Microscopy datasets of Pt-Ceria nanoparticles.

He graduated with a combined B. Tech & M. Tech (dual degree) in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur in Spring 2021. He also has a micro-specialization in ‘Electronic Materials and Applications’ from Materials Science Center at IIT Kharagpur. In his bachelors he worked on Li-ion and Na-ion batteries. He worked on layered and spinel oxides like NMC and LMO. Also, for Na-ion batteries he worked on symmetrical NASICON-based electrode materials. His B. Tech thesis work was published in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds ( In his Master’s thesis he worked on extracting transport properties by Classical MD simulations on different concentrations of LiTFSI salt dissolved in DME:DOL (1:1 volume ration) solvent.

In his free time he likes to watch and play soccer. He also likes to watch TV shows on Netflix and also enjoys cooking.

You can reach out to him on or connect with him on LinkedIn (