Tara Boland


Tara joined the group in the Fall of 2016 after graduating from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. in physics with an emphasis in materials science & computational physics. As an undergraduate research assistant, her research focused on simulating hysteresis loops, vortex formation, and field evolution in thin film type 2 superconductors as well as nano-wire growth on the (110) surface of Si using molecular dynamics.

Her focus at ASU is in fundamental properties in renewable energy materials. She uses modeling and simulation to study interfaces and surface dynamics in polycrystalline CeO2 (ceria). She works closely with our groups high resolution transmission electron microscopy data sets to elucidate fundamental  structure-function relationships to engineer materials with novel properties. Computational methods includes: density functional theory, molecular dynamics, phase field modeling, and atomistic spectra simulations for ceria and doped ceria ceramics.

Currently, her research interests are in quantum phenomenon, first-principles modeling, condensed phase materials, numerical methods, and algorithms.

For more details on her coding experience and open-source software and scripts, check out her GitHub website.

Find more detailed information on current research and methodology here.