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Potential machine learning (ML)-enhanced gas-phase transmission electron microscopy (GP-TEM) workflows in data denoising and analysis, for example: To retrieve structural changes in irregularly shaped Pt nanoparticles under CO atmosphere at room temperature with dose rate r of 1500 e/Å2/s with unsupervised deep video denoiser denoising. To identify the surface dynamics of gold atoms on gold nanoparticles, influenced by the gas atmosphere.

Joerg R. Jinschek, Stig Helveg, Lawrence F. Allard, Jennifer A. Dionne, Yuanyuan Zhu, Peter A. Crozier(2024) “Quantitative gas-phase transmission electron microscopy: Where are we now and what comes next?” MRS Bulletin. DOI:

The EELS intensity maps associated with the bulk photonic modes of the cube. The white dotted box indicates the cube. The dark intensity in the cube is due to strong spectral attenuation by elastic scattering. The peak intensity is represented by the brightness. Brightness and contrast of the four images are adjusted independently to highlight the spatial variation of each mode.

Yifan Wang, Shize Yang, Peter A. Crozier (2023)
Spectroscopic Observation and Modeling of Photonic Modes in CeO2 Nanostructures“. Microscopy and Microanalysis. DOI:

Denoising real-world electron-microscopy data. Example noisy images (top) from the moderate-SNR (left 2 columns) and low-SNR (right 2 columns) test sets described in Section 7. The data are denoised using a Gaussian-smoothing baseline and several unsupervised CNNs: Noise2Self, BlindSpot, and Neighbor2Neighbor. The uPSNR of each method on each test set is shown below the images. The uPSNR values and visual inspection indicate that the CNNs clearly outperform the baseline method, that the best unsupervised approach is Neighbor2Neighbor, and that all methods achieve worse results on the low-SNR test set.

Adria Marcos Morales, Matan Leibovich, Sreyas Mohan, Joshua Lawrence Vincent, Piyush Haluai, Mai Tan, Peter Crozier, Carlos Fernandez-Granda (2023)
Evaluating Unsupervised Denoising Requires Unsupervised Metrics“. Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Machine Learning.

Illustration of the allgorithm applied to a cerium oxide nanoparticle. Persistence in colorbar measured as proportion of longest barcode

Andrew M. Thomas, Peter A. Crozier, Yuchen Wu, David S. Matteson (2023)
Feature Detection and Hypothesis Testing for Extremely Noisy Nanoparticle Images using Topological Data Analysis“. Technometrics.

Anatase particles at 150 °C without/with (condition A) 1 Torr water vapor: (a) no water, (b) 1 h
water, (c) 7 h water, (d) 20 h water, (e) 40 h water, (f) fresh area after 40 h in water vapor but not exposed
to electron beam before. Each image was taken in 20 s, including adjusting the focus

Shima Kadkhodazadeh, Filippo C. Cavalca, Ben J. Miller, Liuxian Zhang, Jakob B. Wagner, Peter A. Crozier, Thomas W Hansen (2022)
In Situ TEM under Optical Excitation for Catalysis Research“.
Topics in Current Chemistry. DOI:

Simulation-based denoising framework. (Top) A training dataset is generated by simulating TEM images of different structures at varying imaging conditions. Here we focus on structures of Pt nanoparticles supported on CeO2. (Middle) A CNN is trained using the simulated images, paired with noisy counterparts obtained by simulating the relevant noise process. (Bottom) The trained CNN is applied to real data to yield a denoised image. After analyzing the image to extract structures of interest, a likelihood map is generated to quantify the agreement between this structure and the noisy data.

Sreyas Mohan, Ramon Manzorro, Joshua L. Vincent, Binh Tang, Dev Y. Sheth, Eero P. Simoncelli, David S. Matteson, Peter A. Crozier, Carlos Fernandez-Granda (2022)
Deep Denoising for Scientific Discovery: A Case Study in Electron Microscopy“.
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging.

(a) The snapshot of NSP AIMD simulation of the ceria-supported Pt19 single layer with 12 CO molecules at 0, 9 and 14 ps. (b) The snap shot of SP AIMD simulation of the ceria-supported Pt19 single layer with 12 CO molecules at 0, 2 and 3.4 ps. The red box shows that the CO and surface O bind to form CO2. (c) Left panel: calculated distance between the average z coordinates of surface Ce atoms and the average z coordinates of Pt atoms, right panel: standard deviation of z coordinates of Pt atoms. (d) Schematic diagram of lattice dynamic in SP and NSP systems. (e) Atomic resolution transmission electron microscope images of fluxional Pt nanoparticle on CeO2-(100) surface in a CO atmosphere (7 × 10−4 Torr) at room temperature. Pt columns are visible as white dots whereas (100) Miller planes in CeO2 appear as white horizontal lines. The two images are from the same nanoparticle with right-hand image recorded 0.5 s after the left-hand image.

Byungkyun Kang, Joshua L Vincent, Yongbin Lee, Liqin Ke, Peter A Crozier and Qiang Zhu (2022)
Modeling surface spin polarization on ceria-supported Pt nanoparticles“.
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. DOI:

General scheme on how the coordinates and the intensity ˆI of atomic columns are calculated starting from the blob detection algorithm output. The five steps followed on the procedure are further explain with details in the methodological section “Tailored adjustments for our specific experimental dataset”. Images on Steps 2, 3, and 5 show a simulated atomic column in TEM mode.

Ramon Manzorro, Yuchen Xu, Joshua L. Vincent, Roberto Rivera, David S. Matteson, and Peter A. Crozier (2022)
Exploring Blob Detection to Determine Atomic Column Positions and Intensities in Time-Resolved TEM Images with Ultra-Low-Signal-to-Noise“.
Microscopy and Microanalysis. DOI:

Structure: Regions of the core−shell particle containing Ni (yellow), NiO (blue), and Ni(OH)2 (pink) as identified using inverse FFTs of the individual diffraction spot pair, Activity: Time-resolved photocatalytic water splitting performance of (CrOx-modified) Ni/NiOx-Mg:SrTiO3 composites using 365 nm LED illumination, Stability: Hydrogen and oxygen yields of Ni/NiOx-SrTiO3 and Ni/NiOx- Mg:SrTiO3 in the absence and presence of CrOx

Kai Han, Diane M. Haiber, Julius Knöppel, Caroline Lievens, Serhiy Cherevko, Peter Crozier, Guido Mul,* and Bastian Me (2021)
CrOx-Mediated Performance Enhancement of Ni/NiO-Mg:SrTiO3 in Photocatalytic Water Splitting“.
ACS Catalysis. DOI:

Operando TEM images showing dynamic structural evolution of the Pt/CeO2 catalyst at varying levels of activity for CO oxidation. a 12.5 s time- averaged image acquired at 144 °C, where the turnover frequency (TOF) was measured to be 0 CO site−1 sec−1. b 12.5 s time-averaged image acquired at 275 °C, corresponding to a TOF of 0.80 CO site−1 sec−1. c 12.5 s time-averaged image acquired at 285 °C, corresponding to a TOF of 1.05 CO site−1 sec−1. The corresponding temperatures and CO conversions are stated in the respective figures.

Joshua L. Vincent , Peter A. Crozier (2021).
Atomic level fluxional behaviour and activity of CeO2-supported Pt catalysts for CO oxidation“.
Nature Communications. DOI:

Likelihood analysis to quantify the agreement between noisy data and network-denoised output

Joshua L. Vincent , Ramon Manzorro, Sreyas Mohan, Binh Tang, Dev Y. Sheth, Eero P. Simoncelli, David S. Matteson, Carlos Fernandez-Granda and Peter A. Crozier (2021).
Developing and Evaluating Deep Neural Network-Based Denoising
for Nanoparticle TEM Images with Ultra-Low Signal-to-Noise
Microscopy and Microanalysis. DOI: 10.1017/S1431927621012678

Background-subtracted vibrational spectra and corresponding Gaussian peak fitting employed with (aα = 10 mrad and β = 10 mrad, (bα = 10 mrad and β = 40 mrad, (cα = 33 mrad and β = 10 mrad, and (dα = 33 mrad and β = 40 mrad.

Kartik Venkatraman, Peter A. Crozier (2021).
Role of Convergence and Collection Angles in the Excitation of Long- and Short-Wavelength Phonons with Vibrational Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy“.
Microscopy and Microanalysis. DOI:

Comsol calculation of the polarization (shades of yellow and red) around a narrow beam of 60 keV electrons (thin vertical lines) transmitted through a 40 nm slab of SiO2. The horizontal and vertical scales are equa

Ray F. Egerton, Kartik Venkatraman, Katia March, Peter A. Crozier (2021).
Properties of Dipole-Mode Vibrational Energy Losses Recorded From a TEM Specimen“.
Microscopy and Microanalysis. DOI:

Yuanyuan Li, Matthew Kottwitz, Joshua L. Vincent, Michael J. Enright, Zongyuan Liu, Lihua Zhang, Jiahao Huang, Sanjaya D. Senanayake, Wei-Chang D. Yang, Peter A. Crozier, Ralph G. Nuzzo & Anatoly I. Frenkel (2021).
“Dynamic structure of active sites in ceria-supported Pt catalysts for the water gas shift reaction”, Nature Communications.

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“Atomic Scale Characterization of Fluxional Cation Behavior on Nanoparticle Surfaces: Probing Oxygen Vacancy Creation/Annihilation at Surface Sites”, ACS NANO.

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“Impact of Aliovalent Alkaline-Earth metal solutes on Ceria Grain Boundaries: A density functional theory study”, Acta Materialia.

Benjamin K. Miller, Peter A. Crozier (2021).
“Linking Changes in Reaction Kinetics and Atomic-Level Surface Structures on a Supported Ru Catalyst for CO Oxidation”, ACS Catalysis.

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“An Open-Cell Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy Technique for In Situ Characterization of Samples in Aqueous Liquid Solutions”, Microscopy and Microanalysis.
DOI: 10.1017/S1431927619015320

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